100 years, 100 stories Dr. Henry Jacobs & Janet Malooley

I had the pleasure of caring for Janet many summers ago. I brought her to appointments, lunches etc. One story she told me stays in my mind and truly exemplifies “There by the Grace of God I go.” Janet told me she and Dr. Henry Jacobs would walk along the river and make house calls after work…For Free. She told me she and Dr. Jacobs would check every patient in their home that could not afford medical care. She also told me “At several of the homes Dr. Jacobs would leave a twenty dollar bill under the pillow of many patients.” She said she asked him, “Why do you keep doing that Doc?” His reply was “They need it a lot more than I do Jan, lets go to the next house.” Whenever I ask someone about Janet or Dr. Jacobs a tear usually comes to that person’s eye. These were the children of immigrants who surely made a difference in peoples lives.


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