Additional Resources

Orthodox Christian Liturgy

The best way to learn about Orthodox Christianity is to frequent Orthodox services. In preparation for attending a service—or for help making sense of what you experienced at a service—see Twelve Things I Wish I’d Known: Frederica Matthews’ reflections about first visiting an Orthodox church. If you’re looking for guidance about what to wear, what people are doing in the services, and how to act, our archdiocese’s Church Etiquette Booklet is a great resource, too.

The Divine Liturgy: What is the purpose of going to church every Sunday and many other days throughout the year? What is happening while we’re there? This site explores the structure of our main service, the Divine Liturgy. Even if you’ve been Orthodox for years, you may find your appreciation for services deepened by reading.

Orthodox Architecture (Free PDF download): Why are Orthodox Churches designed as they are? This guide explains.

Resources for Inquirers into Orthodox Christianity

Though the best way to learn about Orthodox Christianity is to frequent Orthodox services, additional resources can be helpful. Here are some great ones:

Get to Know the Original: Are you looking for the Church of Christ?

Orthodox Answers: Get answers to your questions about Orthodox Christianity.

Orthodox Conversion Stories: Are you thinking of becoming an Orthodox Christian? Are you wondering why a friend or family member converted? Find out more here. Come explore Orthodoxy by studying the early church fathers and monastics.

Fr. Alexander: This site features short essays, published as booklets, on Orthodox Christianity. This link will take you to essays on Orthodox faith and life. Click in the left-hand column for booklets on apologetics, Scripture, prayer & the sacraments, the saints and their writings, or Orthodox dogmatic theology.

Orthodox Identity: This article examines the identity of Orthodox Christianity in relationship to Christ and to other Christian confessions. Are all congregations branches of the same True vine?

Truth.Beauty.Christ.: Why are the art forms in Orthodoxy Christianity so, well… different?

Christ, The Eternal Tao: “In the beginning was the Tao, and the Tao was with God, and the Tao was God.” The ancient Greek concept of Word and the ancient Chinese concept of Tao are sufficiently identical that the above is a translation of John 1:1 in many Chinese Bibles. Here, Hieromonk Damascene explores how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of philosophical taoism, working extensively with the Tao Te Ching: Tao = “the ineffable Word,” Te = “the energies of God,” or “grace,” by which we know the Tao, and Ching = “Book about.”

Orthodox Teachings on Contemporary Issues

Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and South America, statements given 20 September 2013:

Statement on Marriage

Statement on Violence in the Middle East

Message to the Faithful

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, resolutions of the 2013 General Assembly:

Resolution Appealing to the U.S. Government to broker lasting peace based upon fairness in Syria

Resolution to Oppose the Recent U. S. Supreme Court decision that held the “Defense of Marriage Act” Unconstitutional

Orthodox Radio & Audiobooks

Ancient Faith Radio: Two Internet radio stations (one talk, the other music and talk), plus podcast archives that introduce the Orthodox Christian faith, answer questions, and provide encouragement to English-speaking Orthodox Christians worldwide

My Orthodox Christian Network: Three Internet radio stations, including one offering contemporary Orthodox Christian music, plus podcast archives

OCRB: Orthodox Christian Recorded Books

Orthodox Christian Directories

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese: Come visit one of our churches.

Assembly of Bishops: Find an Orthodox Christian church near you.

Chicago Synergy: A collaborative effort of Chicago-area Orthodox Christian churches