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November 18, 2007 is one of the most important dates in my life: it is the date of my Chrismation. Two years prior, I made a phone call to St. George Orthodox Church and spoke with Father Gregory regarding my interest in Orthodoxy as my father was raised Greek Orthodox. Father Gregory extended an invitation to Liturgy the following Sunday. I went; it changed my life.

Walking up to the church door for the first time, I could smell the incense. Walking in, I saw the beauty. Nothing prepared me for the actual Liturgy, the choir, the chants, the participation—just beautiful. Khouria Katherine quickly became my friend and helped me to understand. Her wonderful advice was to feel the Liturgy. I did, and I’ve never felt closer to God.

Once I expressed my desire to become Orthodox, Father Gregory began my lessons. I learned so much from him, and to this day, I continue to learn from Father Andrew. St. George parishioners have become my family and the Church my home.

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