From Peddling to Printing

written by: Karen Morrissey

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George Kaleel was born in Spring Valley, Illinois March 24, 1933 the youngest child of Nemer and Evelyn Kaleel.
He grew up in Spring Valley until the age of five when the family moved to Earlville Illinois. He loved sports and playing football, baseball, and basketball. At 19 years old he was drafted into the army where he was typist for two years during the Korean War. After returning home to Earlville he began to work in the family business. His brothers Louie, and Mitch also had clothing stores one in Earlville and another in Mendoza all were partners in the Kaleel Clothing stores.
On May 4th 1956 George moved to Amboy Illinois and opened his own store, lived in a one room apartment and has had the store for 61 years.

George married Mona Lamone of Wichita, Kansas on July 14th 1957. They are the parents of two children Karen And Mark. Mona worked at the store in Amboy, hand in hand, with George , bringing him lunch everyday. She made the best of Lebanese food for her family, always putting everyone else first. She babysat her six grandchildren and even today her great grandchild. She recently lost her sister and best friend Esther at the age of 93.

In 2016 Mark, his son and wife Renee opened their own clothing store in Dixon. Illinois. Their store is a successful Print and Emblem store.

George and Mona have retired and closed their store in Amboy however, it serves as a warehouse stocked with jackets, sweatshirts, and t-shirts as they both still go on the road to craft shows at ages 85 & 88.

Mom and Dads strong Orthodox faith has been instilled in their two children and seven grandchildren. They are very blessed to be working, but most of all enjoying their children and grandchildren.

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