Marrying Lebanese Work Ethic with Orthodox Christian Values

Written by Jeannie Malooley Leonard

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As Orthodox Christians, we make our presence known in the community in many ways. One way is through our work ethic and the ability to run a successful business. Generations of families who had been in business were recognized by Spring Valley on July 24th, 2011, for the 125th Anniversary of the City of Spring Valley, in their Home Town Pride Parade.

The invitation noted that “The backbone of our city’s history has been its businesses. Therefore, it is fitting that this Quasquicentennial celebration recognizes the many business families who have invested in and remained in Spring Valley.” Sadie Malooley, being the senior member of the Malooley family, represented the Malooley family on the Home Town Pride Parade Float, as one of eleven Grand Marshalls, that is, along with ten other business family senior members who also rode on the float. The parade route went from Hall High School, down St. Paul Stret, then down Cleveland Street as it returned to Hall High School.

The Malooley family operated a business beginning with Alex, Nick, and George Malooley in the 1920s. Then the Malooley Brothers, Mike, Ed, Louis, and Gabe operated Malooley’s Food Market from 1951 to 1979.

Ron Malooley operated Malooley Realty and Appraisal, and Rich had Malooley Insurance in Spring Valley beginning in the 1970s.

The daughter of Ed and granddaughter of Alex, Jeannie Malooley Leonard, along with her husband Kim opened up a video store called Video Vision in October 1987. In the summer of 2011, at the time of the parade, Video Vision was in their 24th year of being in business. Video Vision closed its business May 2013.

Currently, Melanie Malooley Thompson, daughter of Ron and Dorothy (Dottie) Malooley has her accounting and business-development business located in Spring Valley on Dakota Street.


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  1. I used to work at the grocery store in the 70’s as a part-time job while I was in high school. I loved the Malooley family, Ed, Gabe and I cant remember the sister that worked the deli but she would make me a sandwich since I came right after school and knew I was probably hungry. She used to say I was too thin and needed to eat. I loved that Job and how we were all treated good it was like family. I still like to pack my own groceries when I go to the supermarket. I’m still faster than most of the baggers there. Good memories.

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