100 Years 100 Stories The Jolly Six

The Jolly Six

Written by Ron Malooley

It is about 1952, and a group of girls from St. George Church decided that they were going to have a group called “The Jolly Six.” This group of girls decided they were going to put a level of social events together. These six girls would plan parties and dinners and sometimes even invite their husbands. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, and other holidays were never the same at St. George church after these girls got together.

I was just a youngster at the time, probably 12 years old. This photo was taken at the home of Mike and Amelia Malooley, my parents. To the best of my knowledge this photo was taken on the Eve of Halloween in 1953.
This went on for about ten years. Older members of our church that were youngsters at the time still talk about “The Jolly 6.” As I write this I reminisce about these girls and what they did for our church. Good Times.


No photo description available.

In the photo is: (1st row from left to right)
Amelia Malooley and Elsie Kaleel.
(2nd row from left to right) Sadie Ziady,
Agnes Saad, Nellie Jacobs, and Lorice Kaleel.

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